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February 6th, 2024

NDP MP pushes for Canadians to get more say over elections to ensure fair representation

OTTAWA – On Tuesday, NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron called on all parties to support her motion, which would give Canadians more say over the electoral system and how our elections work.

Barron’s motion, which comes up for a vote on Wednesday, calls on the government to implement a National Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform giving Canadians the tools they need to provide key recommendations to the government on how to best strengthen Canada's democracy.

“Canadians should see a government that reflects them and their values – whether it be on managing the detrimental impacts of the climate crisis or building more truly affordable housing,” said Barron. “But our current electoral system leaves so many voices behind, and Canadians should have a say on what we do about it.”

Justin Trudeau campaigned to make the 2015 election the last election under First Past the Post. However, shortly after being elected, Trudeau broke that promise. With the current electoral system, a party can form a majority government with less than 39 per cent of the vote.

“With our current system, Parliament isn’t representative of our communities. It’s time Canadians have a say over how to fix this, even if Justin Trudeau breaks his promises,” said Barron. “New Democrats want to make sure Canadians have a say over how their government works – I’m calling on every Member of Parliament to support this motion so we can move towards a fair and equitable voting system where every vote counts.”