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February 25th, 2019

NDP MP MacGregor Introduces Bill to Enforce Responsible Investing of CPP Funds

OTTAWA – Today, NDP MP Alistair MacGregor introduced Private Member’s Bill C-431, which would amend the investment policies, standards and procedures of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board to ensure that they are in line with ethical, human rights, and environmental considerations. Canadians expect these funds to be invested properly.

“Despite the recent United Nations report showing that urgent changes are needed in order to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C, the CPP Board is investing billions of dollars in the oil and gas sector,” stated MacGregor. “Canadians know we are running out of time to prevent catastrophic climate change and want urgent action to address it. They expect the Canada Pension Plan to also be invested accordingly.”

Currently, the CPP Board has billions of dollars in direct private investments in the oil and gas sector and was recently found to have increased holdings in two private U.S. companies that run American prisons and incarcerate the majority of detained immigrants. There is also significant holdings in various arms manufacturing industries and has previously invested in companies implicated in human rights abuses.

“My bill sets out a principled legislative framework while ensuring investments are still made to maximize returns without undue risk of loss to people throughout the country,” added MacGregor. “The Canada Pension Plan is an important part of our country’s retirement system, but Canadians expect that the investments which ensure its continued funding are carried out with certain principles in mind.”

MacGregor’s bill does not change the mandate of the CPP Board, but rather seeks to specify that no investments may be held in companies that have performed acts or carried out work contrary to ethical business practices or has committed human, labour or environmental rights violations. It is expected MacGregor’s bill will be up for debate at Second Reading in the coming month.