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February 21st, 2019

NDP MP Macgregor Introduces Bill to Create Incentive for Organic Farming

OTTAWA – Today, NDP MP and Agriculture Critic Alistair MacGregor introduced Private Member’s Bill C-430, which would create a tax credit incentive for organic farming. The idea for the bill came from two grade 11 students from MacGregor’s riding, as part of his office’s “Create Your Canada” contest. The students will be in Ottawa today to watch MacGregor bring their idea to fruition in the House of Commons.

“Farming can play a major role in climate change mitigation and adaptation,” said MacGregor. “In order to have that impact, our farming future must be one where conventional and organic farming methods come together, adopting techniques to reduce the use of harmful pesticides and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, increasing soil carbon sequestration and reducing agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions.”

The NDP has long called for a comprehensive Pan-Canadian Food Strategy to improve access to healthy food for every Canadian and ensure sustainable agricultural communities and resources for generations to come.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the quantity and quality of contest submissions, which made choosing the winning initiative very challenging,” said MacGregor. “It is my sincere hope that by working together, thinking about the issues affecting Canada, and coming up with an idea for legislation, that students stay engaged with the Canadian political process in the years and decades ahead.”