July 25th, 2018

NDP Launches Online Communication and Organizing Tool

OTTAWA – On Wednesday, Canada’s NDP launched a new online platform to connect members, supporters, volunteers and staff through the mobile and desktop-based app named Slack.

Implementing a strategy used during Jagmeet Singh’s leadership campaign, the NDP is encouraging supporters, members and the public to communicate with NDP staff and access updates from the party in real time. The NDP’s Slack Community will also be used for community organizing, with channels for events, volunteer coordinator, and communications for each province.

“We relied on this tool during Jagmeet’s leadership campaign to connect supporters in a central hub online, quickly share information, and create a sense of community across the country – understanding that everything is moving to instant, mobile messaging,” says Nader Mohamed, Digital Director for the NDP.

The party has also created a Code of Conduct for all users of the NDP Slack platform, clearly stating that the communication channels will be heavily monitored for abusive, offensive or inappropriate comments, reserving the right to immediately remove users who fail to adhere to the respectful and safe space that the NDP seeks to create within Slack.

“The goal here is to create an online community where our supporters feel safe to chat with each other, organize in their local communities, and stay in touch with the party,” Mohamed said. “Everyone feeling safe is our top priority.”

Slack is free to join and available as a mobile app on iOS and Android. To learn more about the NDP’s Slack platform and get involved visit ndp.ca/slack