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August 12th, 2021

NDP: It’s time for a government that delivers real results for people like you

Jagmeet Singh shares his commitments for Canadians in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

ST. JOHN’S – These last 18 months have been beyond challenging for too many Canadian families. In every corner of the country, families are worried about jobs, the health of our loved ones, and the public services that everyone counts on. Today, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh delivered Ready for Better, his vision for what New Democrats believe is possible.

“Sadly, for the last six years the Liberals haven’t done much to make life any easier. It’s been harder to keep up, as wages stay the same and good jobs with benefits become harder to find. It’s harder to find a home, to get the health care that we need, to have hope for the future when we see the dangers of the climate crisis growing and threatening everything we hold dear. Going back to that isn’t good enough,” said Singh. “We don’t answer to the powerful. We fight for people, and deliver the help that families need. It’s who we are. We believe that we can work together to take care of each other – so everyone benefits.”

The past 18 months have shown that Canadians can confront any challenge. It’s also shown us that thanks to the decisions of Liberal and Conservative governments, many of the supports that we rely on just aren’t there when we need them. Meanwhile, those at the top have done very well – profiting during the pandemic while ordinary Canadians struggled.

“Justin Trudeau wants to look like he cares. He says the right things, but when it comes to helping Canadians, he had to be forced to provide real support. Over the last six years, he could have taken real action against stagnating wages, sky-rocketing housing costs, unaffordable child care, stifling student debt, and ballooning prescription drug prices. But he chose not to,” added Singh. “If we want different results, we need to make different choices. And what we need now is the courage to act together. And that is exactly what New Democrats offer to Canadians.”

Ready for Better is the NDP’s vision for what New Democrats believe is possible. And it is our commitment to the real results that we’re going to deliver for Canadians:

  • A future with health care that puts you first.
  • A future with good jobs and help when you need it.
  • A future where your life is more affordable, and the wealthiest pay their fair share.
  • A future where our communities can confront the climate crisis and win.
  • A future where we take on longstanding inequalities that are hurting our country and end them.

“Our vision is built on our values, the ones that have driven our movement from the very start. Our commitments are inspired by the hopes and dreams of Canadians today,” added Singh. “New Democrats are ready – to lead us forward together, get results for Canadians, and rebuild better than ever.”