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March 22nd, 2023

NDP forces Liberals to finally start cracking down on tax evasion

In response to the introduction of the government’s bill for a public beneficial ownership registry, NDP critic for Finance, Daniel Blaikie, issued the following statement:

“Canadians are working hard, playing by the rules and doing everything right—and yet struggle to get ahead. Meanwhile, the ultra-rich who bend the rules keep getting away with making record profits on the backs of Canadians while avoiding paying their taxes—because the system as it is built, allows them to get away with it.

That’s why, for years, New Democrats have been pushing and advocating for the establishment of a public beneficial ownership registry to make it harder for wealthy tax dodgers, corrupt businesspeople and sanctioned Russian oligarchs to hide their assets in Canada. This registry will ensure transparency so the government can ensure everyone pays what they owe in taxes and put a stop to money laundering that is increasing real estate speculation which makes it harder for families in Canada to find a home they can afford.

The NDP used the Confidence and Supply Agreement to force the Liberals to stop dragging their feet on combating tax evasion and money laundering and implement a registry this year.

New Democrats would welcome the swift passage of this bill so the government can begin negotiating with the provinces and territories to get the public beneficial ownership registry implemented as soon as possible.”