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July 7th, 2021

NDP Critic issues statement on Pay Equity Act

NDP Critic for Women and Gender Equality, Lindsay Mathyssen, made the following statement:

“I am happy that progress is finally being made on pay equity but, today’s announcement comes far too late. Women have been facing inequality in the workplace for decades. The she-cession of the past sixteen months has only exacerbated and further highlighted this issue.

Canadian women have been waiting for equal pay for equal work, since the Royal Commission on the Status of Women called for it fifty years ago. This “so-called” feminist government promised pay equity three years ago, in 2018. After August 31, women will still have to wait three more years for these regulations to come into effect; and this doesn’t include the 3-5 years for each workplace to fully implement these regulations.

I hope today’s announcement isn’t a ruse by the Liberals, on their road to an election. However, their lack of work on this issue over the past three years and their history of only providing pretty words instead of substantive actions, makes me think otherwise.

Every year that passes is another year the Liberal government participates in wage discrimination. They need to do more. Women deserve better.

In 2016 the NDP’s motion to close the pay gap between men and women passed in the House of Commons, which in turn lead to this legislation. New Democrats will continue to fight to ensure women are treated equally in the workplace.”