July 26th, 2017

NDP calls on Trudeau to denounce Trump's Trans ban

Statement from Defence Critic and LGBTQ Critic for the NDP, Randall Garrison:

"As the NDP's Defence Critic, I know that this ban will weaken military cohesion. As the NDP's LGBTQ Critic, I know that this decision is based on ignorance and hate.

Trans rights are human rights and while more and more countries move to protect those rights, the fight for equality is still an uphill battle.

The Trump Administration is using hate to target one group of its citizens. We have seen this sort of state-sponsored discrimination too many times before. It is wrong and must be called out.

Canada must denounce attacks on human rights wherever they occur. Now, we call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to immediately denounce this despicable directive from President Trump and we call on the Canadian government to examine how we can open our doors to any Trans American who wishes to leave this discrimination behind them.

Service to one's country is of the highest honour. Transgender people who are currently in the military and those who wish to serve are, in many ways, the bravest of the brave.

Prime Minister Trudeau must denounce this policy immediately in order to demonstrate that Canada not only respects human rights but that we will stand up against discrimination, even when the source is our closest neighbour and strongest ally."