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November 14th, 2023

NDP calls for real solutions to lower food prices, as a new report shows staggering food insecurity numbers in Canada

In response to Statistics Canada’s recent report on increased food insecurity in Canada, NDP Food Price Inflation critic Alistair MacGregor made the following statement:

“For two years, the Liberal government has stood by and watched while Canadians have struggled to keep up with food prices that haven’t stopped rising.

Now we are seeing the impacts of Liberal inaction – about 80 per cent of people facing food insecurity live above the poverty line, and food bank usage is at the highest it’s ever been.

Even now, the Liberals' only plan is to have people look in the flyers and to nicely ask the rich CEOs who are driving up costs to “stabilize” already sky-high prices. Unsurprisingly, it’s not working.

While the Liberals delay and disappoint, Pierre Poilievre and his Conservatives say what people want to hear while actively voting against plans to lower prices, all so that CEOs don’t have to pay their fair share.

Enough is enough. People want to see their government taking action – not just offering empty words while protecting the massive profits of rich grocery CEOs. Neither the Liberals nor Conservatives are offering up solutions to help families struggling to put food on the table.

New Democrats have a plan to increase competition and to give the Competition Bureau more power to put an end to the price gouging we’ve been seeing over the past few years. We’ve also been fighting to make rich CEOs pay their fair share so that the government can put more money into peoples’ pockets – but just last week, the Liberals and Conservatives teamed up to support rich CEOs instead of Canadians.

Canadians deserve to have someone in their corner who is working to tip the scales in their favour – not to be in the pocket of CEOs. New Democrats are fighting to make life more affordable for you and your family and we’re calling on the government to support our plan to lower costs.”