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February 21st, 2019

NDP Calls for RCMP Investigation into Forced or Coerced Sterilization of Women in Canada

OTTAWA – Today, NDP Health Critic, Don Davies submitted a letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki requesting an investigation into allegations of forced or coerced sterilizations in Canada. The letter also calls on the RCMP to lay appropriate charges against those responsible for these unlawful acts.

“In 2015, a number of Indigenous women in the province of Saskatchewan reported that they had been forced or coerced by health professionals and social workers to undergo tubal ligation surgeries,” wrote Davies. “These procedures were performed against their will and in clear circumstances of duress.”

This is now a national issue, with allegations from women in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, and Nunavut.

“There is no question that under both Canadian law and international Conventions to which Canada is a signatory, forced or coerced sterilizations comprise clear crimes, including assault and torture,” added Davies. “Survivors of these assaults deserve justice. I’m calling on the RCMP to launch a comprehensive investigation and lay timely charges as appropriate.”