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May 31st, 2018

NDP Calls on Prime Minister to Support Canadian Steel and Aluminum Workers

Following today's announcement that the United States will apply massive tariffs on Canada's steel and aluminum sectors the NDP is saying the Liberal government must do much more to protect Canadian workers.

"Trump's bullying tactics could decimate the lives of the Canadian 50,000 workers employed by these industries and the communities they live in," said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh who was in the Saguenay region in Quebec. "This morning the Prime Minister reached out to me and I told him I agreed Canada must respond take swift action. I also pressed him to take immediate action to support the workers and communities."

Canada was unable to secure an exemption to the US tariffs which were imposed under the guise of American national security. The NDP is in favour of retaliatory tariffs but has called on the Liberal government to do more to protect workers in the aluminum and steel sectors.

"The government must get back to working towards a full exemption for our steel & aluminum workers and Prime Minister Trudeau should work directly with the 35 state governors who are major partners in the steel and aluminum trade and stand up for workers," said Tracey Ramsey, the NDP Trade Critic.