February 14th, 2019

The NDP Calls for More Sustainable Infrastructure

SAINT-DOMINIQUE – The NDP Critic for Infrastructure and Communities, Brigitte Sansoucy, held a press conference to demand that the Liberal government integrate criteria that favour sustainable infrastructure projects in its tendering process. The NDP believes that funds used to build sustainable infrastructure must not be perceived as expenses, but as sustainable investments that lead to important economic spinoffs, while protecting the environment and minimizing adverse consequences for our communities.

“I keep saying that we need to invest in sustainable infrastructure, because it will pay for itself in the long run – I’ve said it many times, and I don’t understand why we don’t make sure sustainability criteria are being used when calls for tender are launched for federal contracts”, said Sansoucy. “Infrastructure building needs to be de-politicized and the showering of millions of dollars during electoral years needs to stop.”

The Liberals said they are now in infrastructure mode, after three years of inaction. It’s also time they were in sustainable infrastructure mode, so that taxpayers’ money is invested in quality infrastructure with less environmental impacts, and last longer. It’s definitely time for the inclusion of sustainable development criteria in the federal tendering process.

“From now on, we must design and build all our infrastructure projects using sustainable performance criteria, including their life-span. This includes environmental, economic and social costs, as well as the costs for maintenance, restoration and partial replacement, if needed”, added Sansoucy, who is also critic for Families, Children and Social Development.” People with more modest revenue need access to social housing. These units need to be built using sustainable materials, to keep maintenance costs low, which again, is another undeniable benefit for the environment.”

Sustainable development criteria must also be applied when building affordable community housing. The NDP is convinced that sustainable economic development is the way of the future when building infrastructure, public transportation and social housing for the long term. It’s clear that sustainable projects are more cost effective while also minimizing their environmental footprint.