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July 8th, 2022

NDP calls for governments to make unionizing easier for Canadian workers

OTTAWA – Yesterday, Starbucks workers from three locations in Langley Valley, B.C. successfully unionized. Federal NDP deputy critic for Labour, Matthew Green, wants to help other workers looking to improve their pay, benefits and working conditions by unionizing without barriers and obstruction from union busting tactics or government policies.

“Congratulations to the Starbucks workers in B.C. who have successfully unionized—this is a huge win for working people,” said Green. “As the cost of living soars and more Canadians struggle to afford groceries, gas and housing, it’s more important than ever for workers to have more power in their workplaces. Governments absolutely have a role to play in helping hard-working Canadians who want more democratic, fairer workplaces. New Democrats are calling on all governments to make it as easy as possible for workers who choose to unionize and urge the federal government to help put measure in place that allow for sectoral bargaining.”

In British Columbia, the NDP government has removed barriers by putting in place a one-step process that allows workers to unionize if the majority of the staff agrees to form a union. This straight-forward process helps gig workers trying to organize and improve their ability to make ends meet. Green and Canada’s NDP is calling for low-barrier measures for workers who choose to unionize across the country and for the federal government to improve provisions prohibiting employers from intimidating or firing workers who are trying to organize.

“Workers are trying to take back their rights and governments should do everything they can to help them,” said Green. “Instead, workers are exposed to corporate union busting tactics, reprisals and workplace retaliation just for trying to stand up for themselves. This is wrong and it hurts hard-working people. If gig workers want to unionize, governments have an obligation to support them by removing the barriers they face. New Democrats will always have workers’ backs. We’ll keep fighting for your right to organize and build a better, fairer future.”