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January 28th, 2019

NDP 2019 Focus: Pushing Liberals to Bring Relief for Canadians, Now

OTTAWA – For decades, governments in Ottawa have been stripping away the basic things Canadians count on: health care, good jobs, a secure retirement, clean air and water. Today, New Democrats kicked off the new sitting of parliament by announcing their focus to push the Liberal government to make different choices and bring in real solutions to help Canadians now.

“New Democrats are hearing on the doorstep that the economy isn’t working for people. And while Trudeau says nice things about the way our country works, they don’t feel it in their everyday lives,” said NDP Parliamentary Leader Guy Caron. “We are working to be that voice for people who feel like this isn’t good enough, and it doesn’t have to be good enough. We believe this is not as good as it gets and that we can do so much more, together.”

Layoffs, plant closures and precarious work have left many Canadians on shaky ground. Just last week, a study showed 46% of Canadians are $200 away from bankruptcy. But instead of bringing in immediate relief for people facing a housing crisis and crushing personal debt, Trudeau's priority has been to give billions of dollars in corporate giveaways with no strings attached.

“New Democrats know the reality on the ground and we are determined to make sure people get the solutions they need in their daily lives. Like, fast-tracking action on housing to start building new units now and expanding our public healthcare system to cover the costs of medication for all Canadians,” added NDP Finance Critic Peter Julian. “The Liberal government has a chance in this budget to make a real difference for Canadians. With an NDP MP you get someone in your corner, pushing to make life better.”