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February 14th, 2013

National inquiry for missing Aboriginal women needed immediately

The NDP is standing with aboriginal leaders, civil society, and Human Rights Watch to demand a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.

“A national, open inquiry is the only way to get justice for the women who have been murdered as well as their families and communities,” said NDP Status of Women Critic Niki Ashton. “Successive governments have failed Aboriginal women. Continuing to ignore this national tragedy is unacceptable and will not make it go away.”

According a recent Human Rights Watch report released today, several Aboriginal women and girls in northern B.C. allege being physically or sexually abused by B.C. RCMP officers. The women reported that the officers used excessive force in arresting and mistreated them while they were in custody. Many of the allegations have not been investigated as the women did not believe that their complaints would be taken seriously.

“It is a national disgrace that in a country like Canada, women have so little trust in the police,” said Ashton. “A national inquiry is a necessary first step towards rebuilding this relationship and putting an end to violence against Aboriginal women.”