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July 20th, 2015

Mulcair highlights childcare plan

‘Affordable childcare for Ontario families is just an election away’

As part of his Ontario Tour for Change, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair was in Oshawa today to discuss his plan for affordable childcare.

“I was raised on middle class values and I know what it’s like, juggling work and family, trying to make ends meet and building a better life for your kids,” said Mulcair. “We have the concrete plan to help families by creating one million new high-quality childcare spaces at a cost of no more than $15 a day.”

While in Oshawa, Mulcair was joined by the NDP candidate for Oshawa, Mary Fowler. In a region where nearly 4,000 children are waiting for affordable childcare spaces and many have been waiting for over two years, Fowler has been hearing over and over that the Conservatives have the wrong priorities and people are looking to the NDP to bring change.

“Families in Oshawa are working harder than ever, but can’t get ahead,” said Mulcair. ”Stephen Harper’s plan just isn’t working, which is why more and more Canadians are looking to the NDP to bring change in Ottawa.”

In addition to the 103 New Democrats who were elected in the 2011 federal general election, NDP candidates came second to Conservatives in 106 ridings, including Oshawa.

“Here in Oshawa, it’s the NDP who will beat Conservatives,” concluded Mulcair.