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September 26th, 2019

Liberals Should be Evicted for Phony Housing Promises

Justin Trudeau likes to talk about housing. But the Parliamentary Budget Officer recently revealed that Justin Trudeau’s housing plan spends less as a percentage of GDP than the ten previous years under Stephen Harper, prompting Liberal housing lead Adam Vaughn to attack the independent PBO.

Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau and Adam Vaughan got caught when they “double counted to rhetorical advantage” on the number of housing units they built.

The Liberals didn’t mention “rent” once in their 2015 platform, and haven’t done anything to help renters during their four years in government.

Nearly one in five Canadians spends more than 50% of their income on rent and utilities.

The PBO also found that Trudeau’s government sent an additional $100 million to Ontario for housing programs, but allowed Doug Ford to cut funding for housing programs by $161 million, scrap rent control and slash funding to fight homelessness.

On housing, Canadians can’t trust Justin Trudeau’s phony promises.