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November 21st, 2018

Liberals Play Santa Claus for Rich Corporations, Scrooge for Everyone Else: NDP

OTTAWA – The NDP slammed the Liberal governments’ economic update on Wednesday, for its massive giveaways for Canada’s richest corporations, and for offering nothing to Canadians who are struggling to make ends meet and facing record levels of household debt.

“Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is giving the richest corporations a $14 billion tax giveaway, including massive write offs for private jets and limousines, but doing nothing for average Canadians,” said NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh. “Today, the Liberal government is playing Santa Claus for the richest corporations and scrooge for Canadians struggling to make ends meet.”

The NDP has called on the government to focus on solutions that will lessen both the personal debt level of Canadian families, and the burden facing small businesses. The Liberal government’s Fall Economic Update contained zero funding for housing, nothing to reduce the cost of prescriptions, failed to close the funding gap for Indigenous education, and does not save the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project.

“When rich corporations come calling for help, the Liberal government rushes to give them what they want – but when Canadians ask for relief from the rising costs of housing, medication costs and unmanageable debt, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals tell them to wait,” added NDP Finance Critic, Peter Julian. “When push comes to shove, the Liberal government has shown it will side with corporate interests over the interests of Canadians every time.”