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November 19th, 2020

Liberals need to take real action on climate change: NDP

NDP Critic for the Environment and Climate Change, Laurel Collins, made the following statement on the Liberal's new climate bill:

"Canadians want us to do everything we can to address the climate crisis, but this government keeps putting off climate action. Unfortunately, this bill continues that trend.

There is no real accountability measure for the next ten years. The world's top scientists are telling us we must dramatically reduce our emissions by 2030 if we want to avoid the worst consequences of severe climate change. Why are the Liberals waiting a decade to put in real accountability?

We also just learned that the government hasn't provided the Environment Commissioner with enough resources to do its current important work. So giving the Commissioner a role in keeping the government accountable on this legislation is really concerning.

It's also very concerning that the Liberal government is keeping Stephen Harper's 2030 target for up to nine months after this bill passes, and its unclear what new target they'll choose after that.

We are running out of time to turn things around and Canadians are tired of governments committing to weak targets and then missing them again and again and again. Conservative and Liberal governments have missed every single climate target – every single one.

This bill is a small step in the right direction, but we will be pushing the government to strengthen the legislation. We can't wait ten years for accountability.

Canadians are tired of the Liberals' empty promises and they know that climate accountability won't work without climate action. Canadians want their government to address the climate crisis and to make the investments needed to create good paying, sustainable jobs.

People are worried about what's ahead and New Democrats are fighting for significant investments in a just and sustainable recovery plan. Canadians shouldn't have to wait for a plan that tackles the climate crisis while supporting workers, families, and communities with training, good jobs and a more affordable life. We need climate action and accountability now."