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March 11th, 2016

Liberals must not break their promise to First Nations youth: NDP

The Liberal government appears to be walking away from one of their key commitments to Indigenous peoples, a pledge of $2.6 billion for First Nations education. The commitment was contingent on a 2013 Conservative promise of funds that were never allocated.

“The Liberal’s election promise was based on Justin Trudeau guaranteeing money from the Harper Conservatives that the NDP warned them wasn’t there. Now, a week before the budget, the media is confirming the money doesn’t exist,” says NDP MP Charlie Angus, “The Liberal message is that there just isn’t money for Indigenous kids – well that’s the oldest story in confederation.”

First Nations have the youngest and fastest growing population in the country and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ruled that the government racially discriminates against Indigenous children in funding. Investing in education is critical to addressing many challenges facing First Nations youth.

“It’s not the children’s fault that the Liberals failed to cost their plan properly. This government better deliver their platform commitment to start fixing things for Indigenous youth. It is one of the best investments our country can make,” added MP Charlie Angus.