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August 16th, 2018

Liberals continue Harper’s political harassment of charities

OTTAWA – The NDP slammed the Liberals for breaking another promise to end the political harassment against charities, began by the Harper Conservatives. On Wednesday, the Liberal government chose to appeal a court ruling that exonerated these charities.

“Charities across Canada are doing incredible work in our communities, helping the less fortunate, but they've been the target of a political witch-hunt,” said NDP Finance Critic Peter Julian. “This decision by the Liberals is a betrayal of those who voted for change in 2015.”

In 2012, Stephen Harper used the Canada Revenue Agency to launch a campaign of audits against charities he deemed were involved in excessive political work. In July of this year, the Ontario Superior Court ruled that the restrictions on charities violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Liberals have decided to appeal that ruling to the Supreme Court.

“The Liberals promised to end Harper’s attack on charities but three years later and they’re using taxpayer money to fight these anti-poverty groups in court,” said Julian.