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July 20th, 2022

Liberals aren’t helping Canadians struggling with rising costs

Canada's NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made the following statement:

“Inflation has hit an almost forty-year high of over eight per cent, and everyday families are struggling to keep up financially. For months now, Canadians have been worried about the costs of groceries, gas and rent – and costs are only getting higher.

While hardworking people are anxious about paying their mortgages and their bills, the Liberals are just standing by and watching. Inflation has risen steadily for months making things harder for Canadian students, seniors and families, but the Liberals still don’t have a real plan.

Workers aren’t causing inflation and they shouldn’t be the ones paying for it. Rising wages aren’t driving inflation, it is excessive corporate profits and greed that are jacking up costs. Huge grocery chains, oil and gas companies and big box stores are making a fortune off of hardworking families by taking advantage of global crises to justify sky-high prices. When times are tough, it shouldn’t hardworking Canadians who pay the price.

The Liberals don't have a plan to help people. They have made re-announcements and added an extra seven dollars to the GST tax credit. Seven dollars isn’t even enough for a rotisserie chicken, let alone increasing rent, groceries and gas costs. This is completely out of touch with the reality of everyday people.

New Democrats know that letting workers and families shoulder the burden of increasing costs alone is wrong. In hard times our government should be helping families, not protecting the profits of rich companies. That’s why we’ve been calling on the Liberals to tax the profits of oil and gas companies and giant grocery chains and to redistribute this money to everyday people. We’ll keep fighting for the government to double the GST rebate and add $500 to every Canada Child Benefit, getting $1000 back into peoples’ pockets.”