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July 11th, 2022

Liberals are failing the provinces and territories on health care

Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made the following statement:

“Today, premiers from across Canada are meeting in British Columbia to discuss the urgent need for more health care funding from the federal government so that people can get the care they desperately need.

The Prime Minister needs to show up and negotiate with the provinces and territories. He can’t say that this discussion can wait when Canadians are spending hours in emergency rooms waiting for care and frontline workers are beyond exhausted. It is his responsibility as Prime Minister of this country to make sure people can access the care that they need.

The last two years of the pandemic have been incredibly difficult. Frontline health care workers have been doing everything they can to keep us safe and healthy. They’re burnt out and the staff shortages that existed before the pandemic are only getting worse. These workers and all Canadians deserve a federal government that supports their health and well-being.

Instead of backing up their talk with meaningful action, this Liberal government has maintained the cuts to the Canada Health Transfer that the Harper government put in place. As strains on our health care system have worsened, it’s wrong for this government to stand by and refuse to take action.

New Democrats have been urging the Liberals to restore health care funding and increase the Canada Health Transfer to the provinces and territories so that they have enough beds for patients, more staff and improved diagnostic services that save lives.

People cannot keep waiting – the Prime Minister needs to show leadership now. The NDP will keep pushing this government to support Canadians by negotiating with the provinces and territories to increase the health care funding."