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January 10th, 2023

Liberals and Conservatives look out for rich consultants while Canadians struggle to pay their bills

NDP critic for Ethics, Matthew Green (Hamilton Centre), made the following comment about calls for a parliamentary committee to examine contracts the Liberal government has awarded to McKinsey & Company:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has people and companies in his inner circle. And they get things the rest of us couldn’t even dream of. Canada has a strong public service who can do this work at a fraction of the cost, so there’s no reason for Trudeau to choose to hand buckets of money to his billionaire CEO friends instead. This is part of a sustained campaign to undermine our public service workers – the Liberals should be ashamed of themselves.

The Conservatives also gave $2.2 million to McKinsey. And we’ve seen this movie before — the Conservatives benefit their powerful billionaires — not you — when they’re in power, then the Liberals benefit their own billionaires — not you — when they’re in power. Enough. Hardworking Canadians are sick of this, and disgusted by the enormous contracts McKinsey & Company has received from the Trudeau government.

New Democrats support a full parliamentary committee investigation into the millions of dollars McKinsey has received from Liberal and Conservative governments. Canadians have to be able to trust that their money is being spent to benefit real people, and not just to line the pockets of wealthy consultants who buddy up to Liberals and Conservatives.”