June 11th, 2014

Justin Trudeau flip flops – again

While Justin Trudeau is now claiming that reforming the Board of Internal Economy and expanding Access to Information is a priority, it’s worth keeping a few facts in mind.

  • Trudeau supported the NDP’s plan to make the Board of Internal Economy more transparent. But then, when the issue was studied at the Procedure and House Affairs Committee, Liberals rejected the idea of an independent board and rejected the NDP’s proposal for expanding Access to Information to cover Parliament
  • He then teamed up with the Conservatives and used the BOIE to make partisan changes to the House of Commons rules.

And let’s not forget, Mr. Trudeau has made a habit of making bold announcements, only to quickly have to flip-flop after it becomes clear his proposals were more flash than substance.

Here a few examples of Trudeau flip-flopping since becoming leader:

  • Trudeau voted with the Conservatives to put in place mandatory minimum sentences for possession of marijuana, before proposing a plan, with no details, for legalization.
  • Trudeau kicked out the Liberal Senators from his caucus, saying they were now non-partisan, but let Senators come to the Liberal Convention and there continues to be a Liberal Senate Caucus.
  • Trudeau said all Liberal candidates need to be pro-choice, but then flopped to say that he’s open to anti-choice MPs in his caucus.

Canadians deserve better than more Liberal hypocrisy and a leader who regularly flip-flops his way through serious issues.