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September 13th, 2021

Jagmeet will protect healthcare workers and patients from violence

With anti-vax protests scheduled again at hospitals across the country, Jagmeet has reiterated his commitment to protecting healthcare workers and patients from violence.

On September 5, Jagmeet announced a plan to make it a Criminal Code offence to harass or block someone from accessing healthcare and to make assault on healthcare workers an aggravating circumstance in sentencing.

These measures will help ensure healthcare access isn’t disrupted by protests and better protect healthcare workers from violence.

Jagmeet reiterated these commitments this morning:

“There is no space at all for protests that are threatening healthcare workers and patients. It's wrong. That's not the place to protest. We would make it an aggravating element of a sentence if someone was in any way threatening a healthcare worker, threatening patients, getting in the way of their ability to access care. That’s 100% not on.”

Video of Jagmeet’s comments is available here.