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September 18th, 2021

Jagmeet Singh will fight for prairie families abandoned by Trudeau and Conservatives

SASKATOON – In the final days of the election campaign, while travelling across the prairies, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made it clear that he is fighting to win more seats from the Conservatives and deliver for people on everything from real reconciliation to hiring more healthcare workers.

“People across the prairies are being hit extra hard by the fourth wave of the pandemic because their governments have failed them, and Justin Trudeau has abandoned them. Even when Jason Kenney admitted he was wrong, Justin Trudeau said it’s not his ‘job’ to care about people in the prairies,” said Jagmeet. “Instead of Premiers and a Prime Minister who don’t act to protect families, Canadians need a government that will fight and deliver for them.”

Jagmeet met with frontline health workers, listen to their stories of working through the pandemic and committed to keep fighting for better healthcare for people across Canada. He committed to helping families who have been abandoned by their provincial governments in times of crisis, instead of standing back like Justin Trudeau has.

“Jason Kenney wrongly declared the pandemic over and Mr. Trudeau refused to back up his kind words with actions that could have saved lives. Now COVID-19 cases are rising, and health care workers are overwhelmed,” said Jagmeet.

While visiting seats currently held by Conservatives, Jagmeet showed he is ready to grow his party’s seat count and strength, to fight in the House of Commons for things people need.

“Taking care of people should be the priority for any Prime Minister. But Justin Trudeau left people to struggle and made this selfish election his priority,” said Jagmeet. “I’m not Justin Trudeau. I know better is possible and I will keep fighting for it. All people have to do, is vote for it.”