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September 3rd, 2021

Jagmeet Singh unveils Oser ensemble, his plan for Quebecers

QUEBEC CITY - On Friday morning, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, accompanied by his Deputy Leader and Quebec Lieutenant, Alexandre Boulerice, unveiled Oser ensemble, his plan for Quebecers. The plan contains commitments for Quebecers that are deeply rooted in the values that have inspired our movement for decades, the hopes and dreams of Jack Layton, to unite progressives from coast to coast.

“By being ready for better, we can choose to write a different story, refuse to accept the status quo and excuses, and implement real and lasting change. Together, as progressives, we can join forces to make our systems better for everyday people here,” said Jagmeet. “The NDP recognizes the uniqueness of the Quebec nation and that is why it was important for me to unveil my vision for Quebecers. When Quebecers face hardships, New Democrats don't sit back, we offer solutions.”

In his Quebec platform, Jagmeet Singh unveiled a multitude of commitments for Quebecers, including increasing health care funding to meet the Quebec government's request. The NDP is renewing its commitment to recognize Quebec’s national character. The NDP will provide concrete action and governance with asymmetrical, cooperative, and respectful federalism.

“Quebecers have risen up individually, and collectively, to protect their culture, their language, and their identity. They have implemented innovative and inspiring social programs that have profoundly changed lives for the better. The Quebec nation has been bold, creative, and forward-thinking,” said Jagmeet. “Now it's time for them to have a government in Ottawa that is ready to be bold and to deliver.”