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November 23rd, 2021

Jagmeet Singh says Canadians deserve more than empty promises from Liberal government

OTTAWA – With the Throne Speech being presented today, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have an opportunity to deliver on the promises they have made to Canadians over the past six years. Canadians need support now, more than ever and Jagmeet Singh and New Democrats will continue to push the Liberal government to get the help Canadians need.

“Over the past six years Justin Trudeau has made a lot of promises to Canadians on things like taking bold action of the climate crisis or bringing in a pharmacare plan. But over and over again, the Liberal government has broken their promises. Right now we’re seeing the number of COVID-19 cases going up across the country and experts are warning of a potential fifth wave. Canadians need help now more than ever to recover from the pandemic," said Singh. “Instead of empty promises, Canadians need a government who will work for them. They can count on New Democrats to fight to get the help they need.”

Yesterday, Singh laid out priorities that Canadians expect the government to take action on like addressing the climate crisis, helping them find an affordable place to live and investing in health care services. Singh has continually called for investments in a renewable future, with a focus on helping workers find good jobs in renewable energy and helping prepare communities in the face of the climate crisis, for concrete action on the housing crisis, starting with building half a million new homes and urgent help for people to find a home to rent or buy in their community, and for real investments in health care, particularly on helping address the nursing shortage, pharmacare, dental care, mental health care and increased health transfers to the provinces.

“Canadians can’t afford another six years of broken promises. We need meaningful action on the things that improve the lives of Canadians now,” said Singh. “There is no excuse for delay. Canadians needed sick leave 18 months ago. While we repeatedly asked the Liberals to deliver this help during the pandemic to help save lives, Justin Trudeau waited until an election to commit to doing it. That’s not good enough. This Throne Speech is a chance for the Liberal government to prove things will be different. There’s so much work that needs to be done and New Democrats are ready to do it.”

In order to show the Throne Speech is more than just words, the NDP is asking that the government take immediate action to help Canadians. They can start by legislating the long-overdue two weeks of paid sick leave for Canadians, reversing the clawbacks to the Guaranteed Income Supplement and Canadian Child Benefit which are leaving seniors and families in a desperate situation and stopping their fight against Indigenous kids in court. Banning conversion therapy is yet another immediate action the government must do to prove to Canadians they will back their promises with meaningful action.