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October 29th, 2021

Instead of working towards reconciliation, the Liberal government keeps fighting Indigenous kids in court

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made the following statement:

“It is deeply disappointing that the Liberal government decided to appeal the Federal Court’s ruling and to continue their fight against Indigenous children, but sadly, it’s not surprising. For the past six years, Justin Trudeau has said nice things about reconciliation, but unfortunately, at every opportunity, he fails to back that up with meaningful action.

Justin Trudeau had an opportunity to finally do the right thing. But instead, he chose to continue spending millions of dollars fighting Indigenous children instead of compensating them for the discrimination they've faced – and continue to face – at the hands of this very government.

We cannot move forward on reconciliation while this Liberal government continues to fight Indigenous children and their families in court.

New Democrats are urging the Prime Minister to sit down with First Nations leaders; compensate children and their families; and end the unacceptable systemic discrimination against kids that has gone on for years.

New Democrats will continue to fight alongside Cindy Blackstock and Indigenous leaders to seek justice for Indigenous children and to push the government to stop this battle against Indigenous kids and their families. We will continue to push Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government to move past empty words and symbolic gestures to take clear steps towards truth, justice and reconciliation for all Indigenous people in Canada.”