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November 3rd, 2021

The housing crisis is hitting Quebec hard and the Liberals are sitting on their hands

MONTREAL - The housing crisis is worsening and spreading across Quebec. Quebecers are finding it harder and harder to find affordable housing. Instead of acting to address this crisis, Justin Trudeau and his Quebec MPs are turning their backs on Quebec families who are struggling.

“Across Quebec, many people are struggling to find a home they can afford, and the situation has only gotten worse since the pandemic,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “Justin Trudeau hasn’t come close to addressing this crisis, which is affecting families from Montreal to Drummondville to Rimouski. Leadership means recognizing that people are struggling and acting quickly to ensure that people have access to safe and affordable homes, not ignoring the problem as the Liberals are doing. The NDP will continue to fight to get the Liberals to move beyond their rhetoric and deliver.”

The housing crisis has only gotten worse since Justin Trudeau took office in 2015, despite all his promises. The NDP has proposed concrete solutions to address the housing crisis, including the construction of 110,000 social and affordable housing units across Quebec. In addition, during the last election, the NDP was very clear about what to do with federal lands such as the Peel Basin in Montreal: they must be used prioritized for the construction of social and affordable housing to counter the housing crisis.

“When we have a Prime Minister who believes that $2225 a month in rent in Montreal is affordable, it is clear that he does not understand the reality of Quebecers,” said NDP Deputy Leader Alexandre Boulerice. “We are receiving calls from families who can't take it anymore, who don't know where to turn to find affordable housing. In the face of a hard-hitting crisis, instead of helping people, the Liberals are making it easier for big developers and corporate investors. It's shameful. We need to set the record straight and tackle this crisis for real!”