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June 29th, 2022

Home ownership getting harder under the Liberals

NDP Housing Critic Jenny Kwan issued the following statement:

“As the cost-of-living skyrockets, families are giving up on their dream to one day own a home because they can’t afford to buy in the current housing market. A recent survey revealed that nearly half of Canadian renters expect to stay ​as tenants indefinitely. Unfortunately, the Liberals aren’t fixing the problem and hard-working Canadians are paying the price.

Canadians are facing increasingly unaffordable rent while homeownership gets further and further out of reach. ​Not only do the Liberal government need to build more ​affordable homes to help families ​secure the housing they need, but they must also address the impact of wealthy investors driving up costs within the housing market. No one can win a bidding war against investors with deep pockets who are looking to turn a profit. Liberal inaction on speculation has allowed rich investors to thrive while Canadians looking to buy a home are trying to compete with them.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

New Democrats will continue to fight to ensure the housing market works for Canadians, not for corporate profits. We will continue to fight to allow families’ dream of owning a home come true.”