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March 5th, 2020

Gazan’s Climate Emergency Action Act to Make a Healthy Environment a Human Right

WINNIPEG – Taking another step forward in the fight against the climate crisis, Leah Gazan, NDP Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre introduced Bill C-232, the Climate Emergency Action Act. Bill C-232, once adopted, will ensure that a safe, clean, and healthy environment is recognized as a human right in Canada.

“Individuals, especially young people, are calling for action on the climate emergency," stated Gazan. "I share their concerns and I honour their understanding that this cannot be achieved without the recognition and respect of the fundamental human rights of Indigenous Peoples as affirmed in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples.”

Gazan pointed to Prime Minister Trudeau’s track record of failing to follow through on his commitments on both reconciliation and climate action. She noted that more needs to be done to hold governments to account when it comes to the environment, human rights, and honouring nation-to-nation relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

“There can be no reconciliation in the absence of justice and clear action to address the climate emergency we are facing,” said Gazan. “Indigenous Peoples and all Canadians are at the forefront of the climate disaster. Bill C-232 is a road map for the Government of Canada to address the climate crisis while respecting the fundamental human rights of Indigenous while investing in a green economy that supports Canadian workers.”

Gazan’s bill passed first reading last week and was seconded in the House of Commons by NDP Critic for Environment and Climate Change, Laurel Collins.