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September 20th, 2017

Extend tax fairness consultations, expand scope: NDP

Ottawa – New Democrats are demanding the Liberals double the allotted time for consultations on tax fairness and expand the scope beyond small businesses to include large corporations, loopholes for CEOs and international tax havens.

“These consultations are too short and too narrow to result in true tax fairness,” said Alexandre Boulerice, NDP Finance Critic. “The NDP wants to make sure that proposed changes target wealthy tax avoiders and big corporations who are not paying their fair share. Right now, the Liberals are letting the big fish off the hook.”

The Liberals have backed away from a major campaign promise to close the CEO stock option loophole which costs Canadians $750 million a year. Additionally the government has given out sweetheart deals rather than crack down on the wealthiest Canadians who’ve been caught using illegal international tax havens.

“The fact that these consultations started in the middle of the summer and only affect small corporations proves that the Liberals don’t understand small business and that they’re more interested in protecting their wealthy donors on Bay Street,” said Gord Johns, NDP Critic for Small Business and Tourism.