March 11th, 2019

Day of Action on Affordable Housing

Check out what Canadians had to say about our work this weekend!

This weekend, we connected with people across the country to fight for the quality, affordable housing Canadians deserve.

While Trudeau’s Liberal government is busy helping their ultra-rich friends, our NDP team and supporters across Canada joined together in their communities and online to turn this housing crisis around. Check out what our friends and neighbours had to say:

From recent graduates struggling with student debt, to families trying to put food on the table, to seniors finding it harder and harder to stay in their home – Canada’s housing crisis is hurting us all. That’s why we’re keeping up the fight to build half a million new units of affordable housing right away.

Everyday people are facing a housing crisis and Trudeau’s Liberal government doesn’t seem to understand what people are going through. It’s not too late to get involved – add your name now to help us keep the pressure on.

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