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October 28th, 2021

Damning report shows Liberals are failing in the fight against climate change

OTTAWA — While the Liberals say they take the climate crisis seriously, a recent report from Oil Change International revealed that fossil fuel producers in Canada receive more public financial support than any others in the developed world. The report also shows that, compared to subsidies for oil, gas and coal, renewable energy gets less government help in Canada than in any other G20 country.

“This report is another example of how Justin Trudeau is putting the interests of Big Oil ahead of the urgency to fight this climate crisis that is hurting communities. It’s never been clearer that this government needs to eliminate all fossil fuel subsidies,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “Next week at COP26, he will have to explain to Canadians, and the world, why he has failed so drastically in taking concrete action in the face of one of the worse crises people are facing today. To beat this climate crisis, we need bold action to reduce emissions by 50 per cent instead of the Liberals less ambitious targets. I will be pushing Justin Trudeau to go beyond empty words and get Canada back on track.”

Next week, world leaders will meet at COP26 to work on solutions to climate change. Singh, who will also be attending COP26, says this is a chance for Trudeau to prove to Canadians that he's serious about fighting climate change and take real actions to make a difference. Under Trudeau, Canada remains the highest emitter per capita and the 10th largest historical emitting country. Not to mention that Canada is the only G7 country where emissions have risen since 2015.

“The Liberals’ track record speaks louder than their empty words,” said NDP Deputy Leader Alexandre Boulerice. “Justin Trudeau promised to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and then he increased them. He promised a Just Transition for workers and then he failed workers by not putting it in place. Next week, Justin Trudeau will have to prove to Canadians, and the international community, that he is ready to go beyond empty words and finally fight this climate crisis.”