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April 11th, 2012

Cutting food inspectors puts Canadians’ health at risk

Less food inspection could mean another tainted food crisis, more serious illnesses or worse

OTTAWA – New Democrats are outraged that Conservatives are slashing another 100 food inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. These inspectors were hired as a result of the fatal listeriosis crisis in 2008 and have been providing a vital service to protect Canadians’ safety when they purchase food.

Overall, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be losing 308 jobs, jeopardizing Canadians’ health and safety.

“These cuts are just another scary reminder that Conservatives care more about funding their backwards priorities rather than protecting Canadians’ safety and trust in the food industry,” said Malcolm Allen, NDP Critic for Agriculture and Agri-Food. “These cuts put Canadians’ lives at risk. We could have another listeriosis crisis on our hands. People could get sick, or worse, they could lose their lives.”

The latest Conservative cuts will bring the number of food inspectors to pre-2008 levels, meaning less oversight for the food inspection process. It has been proven that fewer inspectors create more risk for Canadians.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency should be there to protect Canadians and their families – Canadians should not have to worry whether or not the food they purchase every day is safe. New Democrats are calling for a reversal of these food safety cuts so Canadian consumers can be assured that their food is safe to eat.