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September 13th, 2021

The cost of Trudeau’s empty words

Justin Trudeau says the right things during elections. But his record shows he has no intention of delivering on his commitments. And that’s costing Canadians:

  1. He promised action on housing. He broke is promise to bring in a speculation tax and home prices are up $300,000 since 2015.
  2. He promised to reduce phone bills by $1,000 for families. He’s didn’t do it and he’s now abandoned that promise.
  3. He promised action on pharmacare. He hasn’t put a new cent in his platform for it. Universal pharmacare would save families $550 a year.
  4. He promised to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. Subsidies are up $900 million.
  5. He promised clean drinking water by 2021. Over 30 communities are still under long-term boil water advisories.

Canadians can’t afford to keep paying the price for Trudeau’s empty promises.