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July 4th, 2012

Conservative patronage – The Toews Summer Edition

The sun is out and the Conservative Patronage machine is working overtime to stuff as many partisan operatives into as many positions as possible hoping they all stay off the public’s radar.

It seems that recently fortune smiles on Public Safety Minister Toews who gets to appoint more Conservatives to the Parole Board of Canada and his friends into high places.

Who’s’ being appointed now?

Francois Barron

  • Spouse of 2011 Saint-Bruno-Saint-Hubert Conservative candidate

Michel Lalonde

  • Founding member of ADQ
  • ADQ candidate in 2003 and spokesperson for the party for immigration questions
  • Policy Advisor for Quebec to Stephen Harper 2004-2006
  • Chief of Staff of the Honourable Jean-Pierre Blackburn 2006-2010
  • Director, Communications and Governmental Affairs, Rights & Democracy

Of course we cannot forget the reward of Minister Toews’ good friend and 1995 Manitoba PC candidate colleague received. In fact, they both broke the provincial election laws in the ‘95 election too!

Marni Larkin

  • Provincial PC candidate in 1995
  • Federal PC candidate in 1997
  • Owner of the marketing Boom Done Next, which did $9,450 worth of business for Vic Toews’ 2011 election campaign
  • Co-chair of the Provincial PC campaign in 2011
  • Manitoba representative on the Conservative Party of Canada National Council

Summer is the perfect time to remind Canadians, that while you plan for some R&R, Conservatives are busy breaking their trust and appointing their friends - a true Conservative summer tradition.