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September 23rd, 2022

Canadians living with disabilities deserve justice and fairness in the workplace

NPD Critic for Disability Inclusion, Bonita Zarrillo, issued the following statement:

“Persons with disabilities face endless barriers in their day-to-day lives, and recent report by the Canadian Human Rights Commission confirms that they are excluded and discriminated against in the workplace. This injustice needs to stop now.

The report highlights that people living with disabilities face stigma, stereotypes, and barriers in the broadcasting and telecommunications sector that make up a significant portion of the federally regulated workforce in Canada. The Liberal government must act now and stand up to Big Telecom to enforce compliance with the Employment Equity Act. No one should face discrimination and barriers in the workplace.

In the seven years that the Liberals have been in power, they failed to deliver help to the disability community and to protect their fundamental human rights. Meanwhile, Liberals move mountains for their ultra-rich and powerful friends lining their pockets on the backs of Canadians. Liberals and Conservatives alike refuse to make them pay their fair share while too many Canadians struggle to pay for the rising cost of groceries, gas, rent and bills.

Let’s not forget that the Liberals promised a disability benefit, but they tabled a bill with no concrete and immediate help—people living with disabilities will have to wait for several more years. The disability community deserves help now and New Democrats will fight to improve this bill so that the human rights of people living with disabilities are upheld.

The NDP will continue to fight for people living with disabilities. We will pressure the Liberals to deliver immediate help and hold CEOs of large corporations accountable to stop discrimination against persons with disabilities in the workplace, and in their everyday lives. They deserve justice, respect and to live in dignity.”