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May 14th, 2024

Canadians are seeing the ‘price of Pierre’: Singh

THUNDER BAY – On Tuesday, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh joined NDP candidate for Thunder Bay—Rainy River Yuk-Sem Won to discuss New Democrats’ proposals to help hard-working Canadians.

“While New Democrats are using our power to deliver the help people need, Pierre Poilievre is trying to cut services and make his ultra-wealthy corporate friends richer,” said Singh. “Canadians need to know that he wants you to pay more for the things your family needs. Pierre Poilievre has voted to cut dental care, the public healthcare we all count on, $10-a-day childcare, the pensions workers need when they retire and, just last week, he tried to block free birth control and diabetes medications for millions of people. That’s the price of Pierre Poilievre – cuts for you, more money for the ultra-wealthy.

“The NDP has already stopped the Conservatives from cutting Pharmacare and we’ll continue to do that. We believe that we need to make Ottawa work for people, not CEOs.”

Despite opposition from the Conservatives, the NDP’s measures to get free diabetes medication for 3.7 million Canadians and free birth control for 9 million people are moving forward. Almost 1.9 million seniors have already registered for the NDP dental program and 46,000 seniors have seen a dentist.

While New Democrats are using their power to get anti-scab legislation to make it easier for workers to secure higher wages and better conditions, one of Pierre Poilievre’s first moves as Leader of the Conservative party was to call for cuts to Canadian Pension Plan and Employment Insurance in an effort to save half a billion dollars for CEOs and big bosses.

“It couldn’t be clearer how Conservatives use their power and who they’re working for and it's not for you or your family,” said Won. “But New Democrats know whose side we're on. We're fighting for kids and seniors who need to see a dentist; families spending thousands of dollars for life-saving diabetes medication, and Canadian workers who need to know they have a pension they can count on when they retire.

“New Democrats are doing things differently because we work for you and your family. The NDP is fighting to get you the help you need to make your life fairer and more affordable.”