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March 18th, 2022

Canadian Pacific workers deserve respect and a fair collective bargaining process: NDP

NDP Labour Critic, Alexandre Boulerice, issued the following statement:

“We are deeply concerned that Canadian Pacific (CP) is preparing to lock out its workers this weekend. The employees of CP are continuing to negotiate in good faith, and they are committed to reaching a fair settlement. However, CP is unwilling to negotiate their workers’ demands for better working conditions and work-life balance.

CP’s dismissal of fair collective bargaining will have an adverse impact on all Canadians who rely on the essential rail supply chain including Canadian farmers. Instead of locking out nearly 3000 of their workers, CP needs to get back to bargaining in good faith immediately.

It is equally disturbing to see the Premier of Saskatchewan calling on Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to impose back-to-work legislation. He should tell his corporate buddies at CP to head back to the negotiating table instead of interfering with workers' fundamental right to a fair collective bargaining process. CP’s decision to turn their back on workers shouldn’t be encouraged by anyone — not by the province or the federal government.Given the Liberals’ track record of undermining workers’ right to fair collective bargaining, we will be ready to fight back if they decide to betray CP workers with back-to-work legislation. As always, New Democrats strongly oppose back-to-work legislation because it violates workers’ rights to fight for better working conditions that they deserve.
The NDP will continue to push Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to implement anti-scab legislation as soon as possible to stop corporations from infringing on workers constitutional right to fair collective bargaining."