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April 26th, 2019

Canada Will Reach its Paris Agreement Targets…200 Years Late

Alexandre Boulerice, NDP Deputy Leader and Environment Critic, issued the following statement:

“Last week, the Canadian government published its latest annual report on greenhouse gas emissions. When reading the report, the first thing you notice is the 12 million tonne increase in CO2 emissions compared to last year. This increase is hardly surprising, and is mainly due to the fossil fuel activities that Justin Trudeau’s government holds so dear.

The most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is unequivocal: unless concrete and major actions are taken immediately, we will not be able to keep global warming under 1.5 °C. Consequences will be disastrous for people and ecosystems around the world!

The Liberal government’s environmental plan is failing miserably. If the current trend continues, Canada will meet its weak Paris Agreement reduction targets in 2230. That’s 200 years later than promised. In the meantime, what is Justin Trudeau doing? He’s buying an old pipeline and still giving subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

New Democrats understand the urgency required to tackle climate change. If we want to reach our goals, we need to set bold new reduction targets and show decisive leadership starting today."