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September 16th, 2019

Another Environmentalist Joins the NDP

The NDP offers a bold plan on climate change and good jobs
LONGUEUIL — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was in the riding of Longueuil-Saint-Hubert to introduce the NDP’s candidate for the federal election on October 21, Éric Ferland. He was accompanied by the NDP's Deputy Leader and Environment Critic, Alexandre Boulerice.

“I'm proud to welcome Éric Ferland as the NDP candidate for Longueuil-Saint-Hubert. Éric is a celebrated environmental activist, notably as a co-founder and Executive Director of the Foire Écosphère, which has been organizing the largest environment-related public events in Quebec for the past 14 years. The nominations of Hugo Latulippe and Éric Ferland show a growing consensus that the NDP is the only party with a clear plan and path forward to ensure that both people and the environment win.”

While Éric Ferland has built a strong reputation in the environmental field, he also has an excellent reputation in the community and cultural sectors. On the political front, he served for 12 years as a municipal councillor in Frelighsburg, where he established recycling infrastructure, collaborated on forestry issues, and promoted an architectural integration and development plan. He is also the former Leader of the Quebec Green Party.

"Today, I am responding to Jagmeet Singh and the NDP's open invitation to progressives in Quebec. Quebecers want to fight the climate crisis! We could do so much more working together with a government that gives people the tools they need to make change," said Ferland. "The NDP is the only party that recognizes the importance of responding to the climate emergency while addressing growing social inequalities."

"One week after announcing Hugo Latulippe's candidacy, it is now environmentalist Eric Ferland’s turn to join the NDP," added Boulerice. “The decisions made by Justin Trudeau's Liberal government, like buying a pipeline with taxpayers' money, doesn't sit well with Quebecers. Only the NDP has the courage to take action to fight climate change, while delivering concrete help that improves everyone’s lives.”

Power to Change: A New Deal for Climate Action and Good Jobs

The NDP's plan to fight climate change:

  • Our $15 billion climate plan will allow us to seriously address climate change while creating more than 300,000 jobs.
  • It will allow us to achieve ambitious, science-based targets for reducing our emissions.
  • It will create a Climate Bank to finance green energy projects.
  • It will help people renovate their homes to make them more energy efficient, and increase the number of zero-emission vehicles on our roads.
  • It will provide our municipalities with the necessary resources to make public transit better and more affordable across the country.