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April 3rd, 2019

An Ally for Quebec: the NDP Unveils its Plan to Ensure that all Quebecers Pay Lower Prices for Medication

OTTAWA – Alexandre Boulerice, NDP Deputy Leader, and Brigitte Sansoucy, NDP Quebec Caucus Chair, announced a universal pharmacare plan to help Quebec improve its groundbreaking drug coverage program, to fill in the gaps, and ensure that all Quebecers pay less for their prescriptions.
“Quebec society has always been progressive—and that was emphasized when Quebec implemented its hybrid drug coverage program back in 1997. However, a lack of political will and inaction by the federal government means that Quebecers are still paying too much for their medication,” stated Sansoucy. “Justin Trudeau’s preferred approach, once again, benefits large pharmaceutical and insurance companies. New Democrats, on the other hand, want to help people.”
No one should have to use their credit card to access the medication they need. And unlike the Liberals, the NDP wants to be an ally for Quebec. With Ottawa paying its fair share, everyone will benefit from a quality universal pharmacare program.
“Today, the NDP is proposing a comprehensive, universal and public pharmacare program,” added Boulerice. “Under the NDP’s plan, people will no longer go into debt to access the medication they need. Families will save more than $500 per year, while companies and small businesses will save $600 annually. This plan will also ensure that Quebec saves between 1 and 3 billion dollars. It’s high time for a government that works for real people, not for big pharmaceutical and insurance companies.”