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September 13th, 2023

After a decade in politics, NDP MP Richard Cannings announces he will not seek re-election

Penticton – On Tuesday, NDP MP for South Okanagan – West Kootenay, Richard Cannings, announced that he will not be seeking re-election in the next federal election.

For over a decade, Cannings has fought for everyday people as a Member of Parliament. Cannings, alongside his NDP colleagues, has played a key role in getting children under 18, seniors and people living with disabilities access to dental care, and he fought to get more money into people’s pockets by doubling the GST rebate twice – getting up to $1700 back to working people. He’s also been pushing the government to extend the CEBA loan deadline for small businesses across the country and calling for stronger supports for communities battling climate emergencies like wildfires.

“It's been an honour to represent the diverse and passionate people across this beautiful riding. I got into politics to work across party lines and get things done for the people in our community,” said Cannings. “I’m proud of what the NDP has accomplished for people and the policies I’ve brought forward to make a difference in people's lives in our region.”

During his time in Parliament and as the NDP Small Business Critic, Cannings successfully passed legislation to help local industry and small businesses, including; the Use of Wood in Federal Infrastructure bill that supports the local timber industry, the excise tax exemption in support of local beverage producers, and his work to tackle climate change with accelerated measures for emission reductions, just transition legislation and action to phase out fossil fuel subsidies.

“I'm especially proud to be part of the NDP caucus under the strong leadership of Jagmeet Singh, which has secured important victories for ordinary working Canadians,” added Cannings. “Without the NDP using our power, the Liberals never would have acted to help families through these tough times because, for their friends, everything is fine. And if the last few years had been left up to the Conservatives, people wouldn’t have gotten dental care or money back to help with costs – instead, rich CEOs would be lining their pockets even more.”

“New Democrats fight for people, not for ultra-rich companies who’ve been using the inflation crisis to get richer. I’m excited to see the next candidate take the reins to fight for the people in our community and what the NDP will win for people next.”

With his time left in Parliament, Cannings will fight to make sure a national pharmacare plan is adopted, his Environmental Bill of Rights passed and for more investments in housing and affordability measures.