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November 16th, 2021

After 30 years of broken promises, Albertans finally get agreement on affordable childcare

OTTAWA – Yesterday, after decades of unaffordable and unacceptable childcare rates in Alberta, the federal government and Alberta government agreed to $10 a day childcare in the province. The federal NDP applauds the move, despite the fact that it took longer than it should have.

“This deal could have happened months ago, but the Liberal government called an unnecessary election and Premier Kenney made prolonged demands,” stated NDP MP Blake Desjarlais (Edmonton Griesbach). “The delay in signing this deal cost Albertan families $3,000. Families should expect better from their provincial and federal government.”

“This announcement is the product of years of hard work by childcare professionals, labour and early learning advocates, and political leaders like Rachel Notley and Rakhi Pancholi” said NDP MP Heather McPherson (Edmonton Strathcona). “Families, educators and children have deserved better for a long time. Now affordable childcare finally seems like a reality in Alberta.”

This pandemic has been especially tough on women and families who have had to juggle work schedules while also supervising their kids and helping educate them online. Recovering from the pandemic requires investments in childcare so it’s encouraging to see the federal government take this step.

“Albertans deserve high-quality and universally accessible childcare that is delivered in an affordable and culturally appropriate manner,” said NDP Critic for Families, Children, and Social Development, Leah Gazan. “Canada's New Democrats look forward to making sure the federal government holds up its end of the deal so that this agreement serves Albertan families and children.”