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August 29th, 2015

51 days to repeal C-51

New Democrats slam Justin Trudeau Liberals for supporting C-51

New Democrats will repeal C-51 in government. NDP candidates Olivia Chow (Spadina—Fort York) and Jennifer Hollett (University-Rosedale) slammed Trudeau Liberals for supporting Stephen Harper’s C-51 and refusing to repeal the law.

“Bill C-51 was a defining moment for political leaders to show if they can be trusted to stand up on their principles,” said Hollett. “When it came to standing up to Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal MPs were not up to the job.”

Amnesty International called C-51 a great setback to human rights in Canada. Four former Prime Ministers, former Supreme Court justices, human rights experts, the Privacy Commissioner, environmental activists and the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations were among thousands of Canadians who urged Parliament to reject Harper’s C-51.

Tom Mulcair and New Democrats fought against the bill and have committed to repealing the law. But just this week, Justin Trudeau referred to C-51 as “a great example of what Canadians expect their government to be able to do.”

“You can’t claim to be a progressive and support C-51,” said Chow. “In 51 days, we can elect Tom Mulcair as our Prime Minister – and we will repeal C-51.”