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August 25th, 2021

14 times Justin Trudeau gave the ultra-rich a free ride

  1. When he refused calls to crack down against fee hikes from Canada’s big 5 banks in the middle of the pandemic, as their profits soared.
  2. When he teamed up with Erin O’Toole to vote against taxing the ultra-rich.
  3. When he let big corporations use the emergency wage subsidy to funnel millions to their CEOs.
  4. When he let web giants – like Facebook or Amazon – profit off Canadians and pay little to no tax.
  5. When no wealthy tax evaders were charged in six years of Liberal government.
  6. When he let billionaires increase their wealth by $78 billion during the pandemic, unchecked.
  7. When he let 30 companies use the wage subsidy to payout $2 billion to shareholders between just April and September, while they fired workers.
  8. When he reduced auditing of large corporations that evade taxes.
  9. When he promised to crack down on rich housing speculators in the 2020 budget, then didn’t, and the average home price shot up $149,800.
  10. When he increased average yearly fossil fuel subsidies by $900 million over Stephen Harper’s numbers.
  11. When he went back on his commitment that wealthy tax evaders wouldn’t receive COVID benefits.
  12. When he gave $12 million in public money to grocery giant Loblaws, less than two years after they admitted to price-fixing.
  13. When he tried to protect SNC-Lavalin from criminal prosecution.
  14. When he protected big telecoms and voted against ending price-gouging by the Big 3.

There were some other times too. But you get the idea.