August 26th, 2015

Thomson: Justin Trudeau’s inconsistency on the economy shows he’s not up to the job

TORONTO- Justin Trudeau continues to show that he isn’t up to the job as he keeps contradicting himself on balancing the budget, said NDP candidate and former Saskatchewan finance minister Andrew Thomson (Eglinton Lawrence) today.

“We’ve had eight straight deficits under Stephen Harper and now Justin Trudeau is promising to run many more,” said Thomson. “The Conservative fiscal and economic policies have taken us into debt and recession. Liberal inconsistencies show that they don’t know how to fix Stephen Harper’s damage to our economy.”

Trudeau is under fire again today for his contradictions on deficits and fiscal responsibility. In January, he dodged questions on the issue. In February 2014, he said the budget will balance itself. In April, he said it would be balanced next year. Yesterday, he said he would not commit to balancing the budget. Today Trudeau was not able to say how many deficit budgets he plans to run.

“While Tom Mulcair has been clear that our first budget will be balanced, Justin Trudeau can’t make up his mind,” said Thomson. “That’s not the kind of change that Canadians are looking for in Ottawa.”